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About Us



Croatia is known as a country that offers the most interesting things to do & see mostly in season period, from June until late September, or October.
But that is not true. Out of season period gives you more opportunities to know better the country, to meet more locals and without too much crowds, you will definitely feel more like Croatian if visiting it in out of season period.

Our project CroatiaOffSeason.com is intended to provide information and to serve as a helpful tool to:

- foreign visitors visiting Croatia in out of season period

Find local events, available tours or accommodation. With providing exact operating hours and directing you to the direct web page of listing you have interest in, CroatiaOffSeason.com is helpful for planning your stay and for easier finding local stuff to do. Big events or hotels will always find their marketing channels to reach the costumers.
This project serves more to small local bars, tour suppliers or accommodation owners that operate during the out of season period, too.

- local concierges and receptionists

You have foreign visitors arriving and you are not really sure what to suggest them to visit in area? Google sometimes provide wrong working hours and your clients have difficulties in finding the open restaurant? With CroatiaOffSeason.com tool, you will have exact working hours of listings and tours offered in out of season period.

- foreign agencies and travel planners

Your agency has request to organize travel in Croatia in out of season period and there are many places on web that you can suggest to your clients, but you are not sure on operational hours or seasonality of tours offered on Dalmatian coast? CroatiaOffSeason.com encourages its suppliers to claim their working hours and offer they can provide to your clients in out of season period.

If you need information on events, tours, accommodation or restaurants that are available in Croatia in period from November 01st until May 01st, you are at the right place.